Aspiration is meaningless
without motivation.
Innate artistic desire to create. We are a creative group,
everyday we are challenged to think and solve;
what difference can you offer,
what difference can we make,
the insatiable aspiration of every artists.
Company name
A representative director
Masanao Nagasawa

October, 1988
7 million yen
Business contents
[Sales promotion project]
◯Plan of contents and branding of sales promotion, support to put into effect to sales promotion event from design work.
◯Plan and design work of sales tool of printed matter.
◯Support to plan products from consulting of WEB sites.
◯Mobile application, support and make use products of program development.
[3DCG enterprise]
◯3D perspective / Character / 3D movie production
[A Real work]
◯Work of AR contents which connected on-line from print media utilize AR(extended reality) / Management of distribution service “A Real”.
◯Application plan works of “AR digital pamphlet” with mobile advertising promotion function
[Attracting customers support Shop Cast Work]
◯The position information distribution media system “Shop Cast” systems development of attracting customers and operation management
We reply to questions that are often asked.
What kind of work process does it progress when someone request a design?
Our company shares the same condition that clients hold in distinction to hearing and carrying out all proposals, from plans and concepts to a certain design.
Can I consult and request for a project although I have no special knowledge about a design?
Yes, you can. In our company there are many designers as well as directors and planners with abundant experiences. Feel free to consult us.
Can I request of work although I live a distant place outside Sendai?
We are willing to hear and accept consultations and requests not only in Japan, but all over the world as well. Our company is actually doing projects from foreign clients here in Japan, and vice versa since we have the overseas branch.
Can I request only WEB coding or design?
We can deal with it depending on the circumstances to suit your convenience.
Can I consult or arrange through telephone or e-mail?
We collate and consider all necessary options in diverse discipline to tailor-suit every client\'s requirements.
Would you deliver immediately after a request?
The appointed date of delivery varies according to the contents of a request. We will make every effort to suit your convenience as much as possible, but first of all, please consult.
Can you provide the material needed in a project such as text and photos?
It is possible. First, about the text, we have many professional registered copywriters; we can prepare the contents in accordance with your request. Moreover, about the photos the company can provide you photos. It is also possible to arrange a photographer and take your desired photographs. However in case of photography, we may charge for additional fee separately.
If I would like to know a rough product charge, would you draw up an estimate charge fee?
Yes. First, we will discuss the contents of the product and then hand in an estimate. Please consult us even without reservation on telephone or e-mail.
How long will it take to delivery from requesting?
It will vary according to the contents of a request. A project may take time from the event of your request. We need your help in understanding.
Can you still produce although there is no enough budget for a project?
It is possible. We will still produce the highest quality of a product within your budget. However, when the expected work cannot be achieved for budget reasons, we will inform you ahead honestly, and will give suggestions and advices and re-examine your project’s contents as much as possible. We think it is a role of a creative partner to help clients reach its maximum merit.
Could I get design data and coding file?
We may decline in some cases such as printing and delivery.
The creative communication, which we propose,
is not a narrow profit margin but a large volume of business services with fair price features.
The basic promotion (PDCA [Plan] > [Do] > [Check] > [Act]) is applied repeatedly throughout every matter.
We assume that associating with clients consistently provides the best service.
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