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JAPAN desk
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Detailed contents
●Privacy policy
1 Observance of Statute Etc.
In dealing with a visitor's personal information, Crest (following, our company) observes the statute about protection of personal information, and a guideline.
2 Collection of Personal Information
Our company may collect personal information in the required range.
The range of the personal information to collect shall not exceed a limit required in order to achieve the use purpose.
3 Management and Protection of Personal Information
We manage severely under safe environment, in order to prevent unlawful access to a visitor's personal information, loss, breakage, an alteration, disclosure, etc.
4 Use of Personal Information
When you offer personal information, we clarify the use purpose and announce it to you.
5 Offer of Personal Information
our company -- personal information -- a visitor -- it does not indicate and provide without the consent of the person himself/herself at a third party.
however -- when it is able to ask for an indication with a statute and public institutions, such as a court and the police, are able to be asked for an indication, or case it is required in order to protect profits with important life, health, property, etc. of the person himself/herself and the public -- a visitor -- personal information may be disclosed and offered without the consent of the person himself/herself.
6 Reference, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
a visitor -- when you wish reference, correction, deletion, etc. of the personal information of the person himself/herself, our company connects, and after checking that he is the person himself/herself, I will correspond according to the right of the information subject about personal information.
7 Stop of Information Distribution
From our company, we may send the information considered to be useful by the visitor using an E-mail etc. to you. When to distribute is not wished, I will stop information distribution, if our company can connect.
8 Amendment of Privacy Policy
Without our company getting a user's prior consent, this plan shall be changed and a user shall consent to it.
Moreover, when a user uses the service which our company provides after change of this plan, it is considered that it has consented to the changes of this plan.