We put ourselves in our clients shoes;
your partner in communication design with 25 years
experience cultivated in Sendai.
In recent years, media has diversified from traditional print to digital experience,
conventional websites to mobile experiences and from bookstores to electronic bookshop.
Society has never been so immersed with such diverse media.
The future of promotional media has become more exciting and demands multiple discipline.
We at CCREST offer optimum solutions that appeals to
multiple media - crossing boundaries and unlocking new expriences.
We capitalise in cross-media strategy, that each medium can collaboratively deliver new meaning.
OUR SOLUTION - Cross Media Promotion
We classify communication activities into three layers;
"Design" the crafting of a medium,
"Web" the framework of internet communication,
"Application" interaction of with the digital realm.
We approach communication design by combining all three layers, in-retrospect,
this is how we see the future and this is what we offer.
Smart Devices Propagates Smart Consumers
RE branding of local media.
Business engagement are initiated by advertising to local costumers and expand brand recognition.
Although print media is circulating and site views are high, conversion to sales in not achieved.
Increase awareness
in free-paper
Localised distribution can set position but soliciting to a wider audience is limited.
Strength of Web Promotions
Re-examine Site Composition
Strengthen SEO Measures
Web Advertising
Audience Acquisition
Profit in Web Ad spaces
Wider Audience
Increase web visits
Web content composition and information is not engaging. The experience is not unique therefore the site users do not increase.
Expansion of the scope and enclosure of new client
Original Content Creation
SNS Integration
Frequency and Quality of Blog
Enclosure of existing users
Acquisition of new user
Improve Recognition
Plan a strategic content creation
Creation of new contents
strategically planned to make a difference.
Drafting of new design
Cross media integrations such as Augmented Reality and Print Media fusion.
Acquisition of new users
Increase content topic
Todays Media requires creative and original ideas to deliver clear
expressions and present a brand in a unique position.
"Brand Recognition"
"Audience Conversion"
"Differentiate from Competition"
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